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To start, this box was checked meaning the network name was broadcast publicly. In order to hide the WiFi network, I need to have it unchecked.

How to Change Netgear Wifi Name

Once you save the settings, the name of your network will disappear from the available networks when your device is searching for it. You may even lose your connection to the internet.

  1. How to Create a Hidden WiFi Network.
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If your computer or device gets disconnected — or if you need to add a new device to your network — follow these quick steps:. If you have any trouble, log back into your WiFi router and double check the network name and password.

Make sure you lock your WiFi network with a good password. If this was helpful, please leave a message share this online with your friends.

How to change the wireless network name (SSID)

Thanks so much! Thanks for sharing this tutorial, This tutorial helps me a lot for setup of wifi network. How do I set up a hidden WiFi Network in my home? Maybe you just want an extra layer of security. A hidden network is just an added layer of protection.

Step 1: Log into Your WiFi Router

Hopefully I can make this as simple as possible and at the end, if this has been helpful, let me know in the comments! Better yet, share this with your friends so that they can further secure their own home network.

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  • Step 1: Log into Your WiFi Router;
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  • Before I walk you through a written description for creating a hidden WiFi network with screenshots, you might get more value from just watching me do it on the video below. The first thing you need to do is log into your WiFi router. In many cases, it is integrated into the internet box itself. It looks like this:.

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    Can you see why locking down your router is so important? In either case, just type the login address directly into your internet browser. Office Phones. Apps and services Essential apps Secure your business Manage customers Online storage Apps and services homepage. Support homepages Personal Business Enterprise.

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