Mac dive vs dive log

You can also import from another Dive Log Manager logbook if you want to using the "Dive Log" import.

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You can choose to merge that external logbook information into an existing dive, or you can create a new dive with it - simply set the starting dive number for the operation. Import as many dives at once as you want.


When merging data from an external log to an existing dive, we will only selectively overwrite data so you will not lose any information that has already been entered. Dive Site information is divided into 3 parts:. Dive Site - including a star rating, comments, GPS location, and a photo. Country - where you can enter GMT offset, currency, general comments, and a photo. Synchronization between the desktop and your handheld device is very simple.

There is a synchronization panel for each iOS device that advertises that it is available.

Dive Log Manager will automatically recognize compatible iOS devices when synchronization is enabled within the Dive Log app. You may also backup your iOS logbook onto your desktop for safe keeping and for backup purposes. There is also a manual connection panel for advanced users who use firewalls or work in areas where Bonjour is not available. It is enabled via a checkbox on the main "Synchronize" panel where you will also find detailed online synchronization instructions. If you have any questions or problems, please visit the " Contact " page to reach us, or check for additional information in our Forums.

This is a paid version that allows for logbook updates and data entry directly on the desktop as well as direct download support for a select number of dive computers. Using your mouse, you can obtain depth, time, and if supported by your dive computer, temperature, tank pressure, and remaining bottom time information for any point throughout the dive. If your dive computer gave you a warning on the dive, this is also displayed in red. The Equipment panel shows each item of Equipment that you have added to your logbook. On a dive, you can indicate which pieces of equipment you used on that dive.

Here you can edit the particulars of each piece, including adding a photo of the equipment if you desire. Simply enter into editing mode using the Edit button , and then drag and drop a photo into the image area on the right. You can also keep track of when your equipment was last serviced, and when it is due.

Dive Log - Dive 5 Shark's Cove - Pt.2

This is also a great place to keep track of all your photography gear and which elements you used on a particular dive, and when it needs to be serviced. The Locations Panel shows dive site locations divided into 3 parts:. Dive Site - including a star rating, comments, GPS location, and a photo. New in version 4. Under the "Download" panel, select the brand of dive computer you own. Select the "Download" item itself for online help. You can download all the dives currently on your dive computer, or a subset of them after a certain date. Download only new dives to save time.

Once the download has finished, the list of dives found on the dive computer will be shown in the top window.


In that window, select one or all of the dives you want to now import into your logbook. Enter a new starting dive number to add them to the end of your logbook, or enter an existing dive number or click on a dive in the bottom window to merge your downloaded dive computer information into the dive you have already entered. Sometimes your dive computer registers 2 dives or more when you spend "too much" time on the surface in the middle of it. You want these 2 dives to be really 1 dive for logbook purposes.

There are two ways to handle this with Dive Log DT: 1 Import both of the dives into your logbook so that you have eg: Dive and Dive Go to the Dives panel and then the Detail tab and into Editing Mode. Change the dive number for Dive to So now you have 2 dive number 's. This way, all the information from your dive computer is preserved. Go to the Dives panel and select Dive so that it is showing.

Now bring up the menu Right click or Control click on the dive in the lower window and select the menu item "Merge Following". After answering all the popup's, the dive computer information from Dive will be merged into the dive computer information from Dive and the original Dive will be deleted.

Dive Log Manager from the Mac App Store

This is how you can merge two dive computer profiles together into one. Navigate the Cobalt's main menu into Settings and then to System Information. Click it and Dive Log Manager will start downloading dives stored on the Cobalt.

Once finished, the list of dives stored on the dive computer will show in the upper window. This list of dives will remain until another download is started so you may import dives in multiple stages if you wish. They will not remain once you Quit Dive Log Manager. There is no need to install any drivers. Turn on your dive computer and place it's IrDA port about 3 to 6 inches or 7 to 15 centimeters away from the IrDA port on the adaptor. Make sure that the dive computer is supported in such a way that it won't move very much while downloading.

Then click the "Download" button to start the transfer process. Dive Log DT will show a progress bar while the dive computer is being downloaded. Do not move the dive computer until the download has finished. Some of the UWatec dive computers, such as the Galileo series, have large amounts of memory in them in order to store large amounts of dive information. It make take Dive Log DT over 10 minutes to download all of the memory, so you may need to be patient.

Some of the UWatec dive computers, such as the Smart series, can sometimes get "lost" in the middle of a transfer and become unresponsive. If you do not see the progress bar making any progress for 20 to 30 seconds, the dive computer may be stuck. If this happens, you can click the cancel button and then click the download button again to re-start the transfer.

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Optionally, you can restart the dive computer as well, but this is not always necessary. If you already own one, you can try it out. If you are thinking of buying another, less expensive adaptor, try to find out the chipset it contains first, and contact us with the information. There is no need to install any drivers - the application will communicate with the dive computers directly.

Diverlog has Powerful Features

Plug the USB end of the cable into your Mac and plug the other end into your dive comptuer. Some of the above dive computers will go into "transfer" mode when you plug into it, but others require you to set the dive computer into "Transfer Mode" manually. Check your Suunto User Manual if you are not sure. Select which model of dive computer you have from the popup menu. Dive Log Manager will show a progress bar while the dive computer is being downloaded.

If you get an error while transferring, and everything looks like it should be fine. The "new" cable should be painted red on the inside of the connector that attaches to the dive computer. If you have a 3rd party cable to download your Suunto computer, you must also have a kernel device driver from them for that cable, which provides a serial port for applications to use it. If the correct one is not there, you can type in the name of the one you want to use. The Shearwater line of dive computers use Bluetooth technology to download logbook information so no cables are needed.

Your Mac computer must have the builtin Bluetooth support - most, but not all Macs do. Your Shearwater dive computer will need to be put into "Download mode" first before clicking the download button. The first time you connect with your Shearwater dive computer, it may take some extra time to make the initial connection while the two devices "pair". Once your Mac and the Shearwater have paired, all future connections will happen much faster.

If you are already using the Shearwater Desktop software, the two devices may already be paired.