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Its really easy and the text editor is quite powerful. It is really simple to do and can open every file that you can open in text edit. You can then edit then proceed to edit the text using the commands below. You can read through the help file associated if you need more help. Enter your email address to receive the latest tips and tricks from this site to your inbox.

Easily view all of the posts on this site by viewing the categories section. Framed Creation. The website is all updated. Plenty of things to improve and new posts coming soon. If you receive a file as an attachment to an email, you can open it by double-clicking it, as you would a file in the Finder. You can open a file by dragging it onto an app icon, either in a Finder window , or in the Dock. You can also open a file from the keyboard.

Select a file in a Finder window or on the Desktop, and press Command-down-arrow. As with double-clicking, the file opens with the app its file type is associated with. Just press Command-O in your app, navigate to the file, select it, and click Open or press Return.

How to Use the Command Line for Apple macOS and Linux

Note that this menu only stores a limited number of files. Select a file to open it with that app. As above, this menu only contains a limited number of files. Select a file from the Documents section, and it opens in its assigned app.

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You can control how many items appear in these lists from the General pane of System Preferences. You can use Spotlight to search for files — by their name, or even by keywords in their content — and open them from the results. Just use the arrow keys to select a file and press Return, or double-click it. If you have added files to the right-hand section of the Dock or the bottom, if you position the Dock on either side of your screen , a single click will open that file.

12 Ways to Open Files on a Mac | The Mac Security Blog

And if you have folders in that part of the Dock, click and hold a folder icon to see a list of the files it contains. Select one to open it.

If you then want to open the file, you can click the Open With… button at the top of the preview window. This will show the name of the app that is assigned to open that file type, and it will say, for example, Open With Numbers. How do I open a file from a terminal? Linger 2, 10 10 gold badges 28 28 silver badges 40 40 bronze badges. Suhail Gupta Suhail Gupta 9 9 gold badges 22 22 silver badges 36 36 bronze badges.

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What do you mean by opening it? Do you want to edit it? You can use nano, emacs or vi for that. Sounds like you're coming from a Mac, where open does the same as double-clicking would in the Desktop.

How to Nano:

That question can't be serious. You can use xdg-open to open files in a terminal.

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