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Personally to me, WiFi Scanner seems the most bang for your buck and with all its features it functions like an all-in-one from scanning available networks and their performances to seeing which devices are connected to my network.

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NetSpot offers the convenient visual heat maps so you can easily catch any dead spots and how you can optimize access points locations; it is a WiFi analyzer tool like no other! Once you have completed that, you can select between several visualizations like signal level, noise level, and access points which show you everything throughout the whole map in the form of heat maps.

You can then identify the areas with low signal strength or problems and troubleshoot them. NetSpot feels like a well polished complete WiFi analyzer app. It does feel a little redundant for personal use but with its commercial licensing, it should work great for commercial use or large office areas to detect dead zones and improve the overall connectivity of the area. WireShark is an open source and very powerful network analyzer used mainly by network admins and developers.

Although it comes with a steep learning curve, it is one of the best packet analyzer apps available.

JamWiFi is another free little tool which can not only analyze devices connected to your wireless network, but you can also disconnect them from using your WiFi. But it also comes with a downside which is it will also disconnect you and you have to reconnect again. For casual use or not too deep analysis, the Wireless Diagnostics seem to work just fine. If you need something quick that shows you details about your connected network just from your menubar, check out WiFi Signal. However, if you are a sucker for extra features, WiFi Scanner provides the most for your money.

For large organizations or commercial purposes, nothing comes close to NetSpot. Did we miss anything? The device's lithium-ion battery powers it for checking fuses, the alternator's voltage or the gas gauge.

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After 9 seconds, the AL was online with my Audi Allroad, displaying the engine speed, coolant temperature and other items. It found my introduced fault and turned off the check-engine light. The AL includes a padded case, a one-year warranty and PC software. If you have electrical problems, this is the best OBD 2 scanner to get. Its large color screen, range of tasks, lifetime warranty and ease of use make the SeekOne SK a winner that stands apart from the OBD 2 crowd.

Although it can feel bulky and heavy, at 7. To ease connecting the scanner to your vehicle, it has a inch cord. It also has a bright, 2. The eight-button navigation scheme and icon-based interface make it easier to use than some budget scanners. Able to work with generic codes as well as those of 43 manufacturers, from Ford to Fiat, the SK took 5 seconds to connect with my Audi Allroad. It immediately displayed my car's vehicle identification number VIN and examined the battery. It was able to show live data, like engine speed, oxygen sensor readings and coolant temperature.

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The scanner quickly found my introduced fault and turned off the check-engine light. The SK does much more than typical handheld scanners, and comes with a padded case, lifetime warranty and code updates. In other words, it's as close to a professional tool as you can get these days. Despite being among the most affordable OBD 2 scanners available, the Autophix Code Reader OM includes lifetime software updates, allowing it to keep up with technological and model changes.

It could be the last scanner you get. At 9 ounces and 4. The unit's bumpers give the scanner a rugged look and it feels good in the hand.

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Its bright orange color should make it easy to find in a crowded toolbox. The OM's 2. In addition to displaying live engine parameters, like engine speed and coolant temperature, it can graph them for comparison. Able to report generic and manufacturer-specific codes, the scanner can display oxygen sensor and battery data. The OM quickly showed that I had unplugged the oil temperature sensor on my Audi Allroad; it was able to turn off the check-engine light.

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Happily, the OM comes with a lifetime's worth of software. Small and light, it weighs 1. After plugging the AP into the car's OBD port and selecting it in my tablet's Bluetooth interface, the scanner connected on the first try with no passcode needed. The MaxiAP apps for iOS and Android are easy to install and provide a window on car performance but they were clearly written for phones with a vertical orientation and half-screen resolution.

You can view the data as numbers, line graphs or realistic-looking automotive gauges. Once connected, the AP had a foot Bluetooth range. But the device can be frustrating because the scanner takes upward of 30 seconds to compile its data and 10 seconds to change tasks. It took about 10 seconds for it to detect my introduced fault. The AP includes a 1-year warranty. But it's worth every penny, because it goes beyond basic scanners to show dynamic data, warn of recalls and offer repair suggestions.

BlueDriver quickly detected my car's fault which was a disconnected oil temperature sensor , erased it and turned off the check-engine light. It can count engine misfires on many newer cars, and reports can be saved as PDFs. But doesn't seem to work correctly on a new MBP It needs to be updated for new Macs! I've been using this app for years and appreciate the continued development. It's my go-to app for finding out what's going on in my surrounding WiFi environment. I want to second or more that this doesn't work with Mojave. Was really handy when helping friends with their router setup, now have to carry in a Laptop, and now this doesn't work.

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Please enable location services. Apple requires this for scanning to work in Mojave. See app FAQ on website if you need help or email support.