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If you have to switch to a new broadband provider later on, then you don't have to change your email address again. Gmail is a free email provider from Google that gives you spam protection and a huge amount of storage space. You can access it on the web at the Gmail website, or you can set up an email client on your computer such as Outlook or Thunderbird and download your email that way. Some broadband suppliers will allow you to set up your email address to forward emails on to another address. This means you can keep an eye out for any services you're signed up for with the old email address and change them, and catch any personal contacts you may have missed with the initial switch.

If your current broadband supplier doesn't offer that, you still have plenty of time to inform everyone you know about your new email address before you switch to a new broadband supplier. Then call us! Our team is happy to help you get signed up with a new provider over the phone on Alternatively you can use this form to book a call back from us at a time that's convenient for you. So you've decided that you want to switch but you're not sure what's involved. Switching to a new broadband provider is normally pretty simple, especially since the new Ofcom regulations simplified the process from the 20th of June Exactly which switching process you'll use depends on what kind of broadband you currently have.

This section talks you through more of the details of the process for different types of broadband.

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If you're not sure about what type of broadband you currently have, it should tell you on the paperwork your current provider sent you when you signed up. You could also call your current provider to find out. If you're happy that you know who you want to switch to, the best thing to do is to simply start the process of switching to that provider, they should tell you everything you need to do and in most cases they'll handle everything else with no need to contact your current provider.

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Before the 20th of June there were 3 different ways to switch broadband, depending on various factors that were not always obvious to customers looking to switch. Now the process has changed, you'll almost always be able to deal with your new provider who'll then do all the work with your old provider. The new system is called 'Gaining Provider Led' or GPL and should mean that MAC codes are a thing of the past, and that you'll only need to close down your phone line and pay to have it set up again if you genuinely need different cables to get the new broadband service into your home.

If you're switching using GPL then your new provider leads the entire process. You just go to their website or phone them up to sign up for your new service and then they'll arrange for the transfer to take place with your old provider. If you're happy with the details then you won't need to reply to this letter. Remember, under distance selling regulations, customers have a right to change their mind during the 14 day cooling-off period after agreeing to a new contract without incurring any penalty fees.

Ofcom's voluntary code of practice for broadband providers also allows you to leave your contract if you're receiving a much slower speed than you were advised to expect at sign up, as long as you've given your provider a reasonable chance to fix it. Once your switch is organised, your existing provider will send you a letter informing you how long you have and the process to use to cancel the switch and prevent their services from being cancelled. If you're outside of the minimum contract term you signed up for with your old provider then all you should usually expect to pay is the cost of any calls and usage since your last bill, and, for some types of switch, a small charge for making changes at your exchange.

This will be outlined in the letter you receive. If you're yet to switch, check your contract for details or talk to your current provider for early termination costs. Once you know the cost of leaving early, you'll need to decide if it's worth paying to end your contract, or if you're better off waiting until your minimum term ends. If there are any problems preventing you from switching after you've signed up with your chosen supplier, you have 14 days to cancel the new contract without penalty.

While you should always be careful not to give out direct debit details or fill in forms when you're not intending to switch, if a company tries to force you to switch to a product you didn't intend to sign up for then you'll be contacted by your existing provider who'll let you know exactly what's been switched to which company and the process you can use in the first 14 days to prevent this switch from taking place.

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If you have been 'slammed' in this way, you can report the provider in question to Ofcom , or report them to the Internet Service Providers' Association if they're a member. The Gaining Provider Led system can only work in situations where you will stay on the same telephone line with the same telephone number. Most broadband products use your copper phone line as maintained by Openreach a BT Group company to get the service into your home. So in most cases GPL will apply. The situations where you can't use GPL are when either your current or your new broadband product doesn't use any part of the Openreach telephone network.

This will apply to customers switching to or from Virgin Media, as they use coaxial cables and their own street cabinets instead of copper phone lines, or when changing to or from Hyperoptic, Gigaclear or DirectSave Fibre To The Home, as they use a full fibre optic system with no phone line needed. In some cases bundled products like television services or phone calling features may block the GPL switching process, for example, if phone from your current supplier is only available when bundled with the broadband that you're switching to a broadband-only supplier.

If the switch is blocked then your new provider will get in contact to explain the situation and how to resolve it. In most cases, a switch involving bundled TV will cancel the broadband and phone elements but leave a television service in place. You might want to check there for some advice.

Thanks for the heads up. Interesting read. Perhaps post a cheeky link I am waiting for BT BB installation. PS if you decide to move from sky email them via Mac request email.

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Phoning them for a mac code is nothing short but the dark arts mischief-making. Miss Chief Well-known Member. I would definitely advise to ignore the advertising and seriously look into what will give you what you want. BT broadband is also more expensive I believe. Can you cancel mid contract if you will still keep the tv package? Please contact us by emailing us at MySky bskyb. We may also share your information with other companies for debt recovery purposes. In addition we may provide information to third parties for the purposes of preventing or detecting crime or for the purpose of safeguarding national security.

We also provide information when required to do so by law for example under a court order or in response to properly made demands in accordance with legislative powers. Disclosures will be made in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. Information held by the Sky UK group about you may also be shared with our business partners, for customer profiling, analysis and, unless you have told us otherwise, so that they can contact you for marketing and market research purposes by post, telephone, email or SMS.

You can tell us that you wish to be excluded from such uses by contacting us on 41 41 41 or by sending an email to MySky bskyb. We may disclose your personal data to our successors in business for the purposes outlined in these terms and conditions. Calling Sky Calls to and from Sky Customer Services may be recorded or monitored for training and other purposes. If you wish to discuss your Sky Broadband account or experience problems using Sky Broadband, you should contact Sky Customer Services on Here are the detailed Conditions of Sky Broadband: These are the terms and conditions " Conditions " on which Sky's broadband internet access " Sky Broadband " will be provided to you.

Together they make up your Sky Broadband subscription contract " Contract ". Please note: Any additional features, content, services and applications will be available for Sky Broadband subscribers on, or via a link from, www. These may be provided by another member of the Sky UK group or a third party and are not covered by this Contract. The terms and conditions that apply to them will be available at, or via links from, www. The Sky Broadband Extras available will change from time to time and any changes will not affect this Contract.

References below to "we" or "us" shall be read as references to Sky. Sky Broadband and who can get it a We offer a number of broadband subscription products " Products ".

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Full details of the Products available from time to time are set out on www. If you are a Sky TV customer and your Sky TV viewing is suspended or ends under the terms of your Sky TV Contract for any reason other than where we are at fault , we may also suspend or end as applicable the provision of Sky Broadband on giving you notice in writing.

If this happens, we will confirm with you whether you wish to transfer your broadband service to another provider. You can only have one Sky Broadband subscription at your Address. If you have the Connect Product and it becomes possible to connect your Line to a Sky network, we may do this automatically and you will be placed onto the nearest equivalent Product accessible by you and charged at its standard rate which will not exceed the standard rate for Connect. We will notify you in writing of this change.

Types of broadband

If you wish to choose another Product, you can do so by calling us within 30 days of notice from us of the change. Using Sky Broadband a Sky Broadband is for private use by you and members of your household only. Any additional user must also provide a user name and password which must be different to yours. You are also responsible for the security and proper use of each additional user's username and password. You are also responsible for all activities that occur under these usernames and passwords.

If you know or suspect that your username or password or any username or password of your additional users has been compromised, or you suspect or become aware of any other breach of security, you must tell us immediately.

No more MAC codes as Ofcom streamlines switching broadband and home phone

In these circumstances, you must also ensure that any such username or password is changed as soon as possible. There may be a delay in being reconnected to Sky Broadband. If a re-connection fee is payable, we will tell you the amount of this fee before charging you.

You will be charged for Sky Broadband throughout this period, unless the disconnection or delay in reconnection has been caused by us or our agents. We will try to minimise the impact of this on your use of Sky Broadband and we will restore Sky Broadband to you as soon as we can.

Where possible, we will notify you if this occurs between the hours of 6a. You must not use a modem or any other equipment that we have not supplied to you in order to access Sky Fibre Broadband. The software in your Wireless Router and in any other equipment provided to you by Sky or on its behalf for use in conjunction with Sky Broadband is owned by or licensed to Sky or another member of the Sky UK group. You must allow this software to be updated. The Wireless Router Warranty. The following are not covered by the Warranty: faults arising from misuse, accidental or deliberate damage to your Wireless Router; damage arising from use of equipment that is not supplied by or on behalf of Sky for use with your Wireless Router; extension cables and network equipment if you take Sky Fibre Broadband ; cosmetic damage which does not affect the functionality of your Wireless Router; computer equipment, software and cables that we or SHS did not supply to you and damage caused by events outside the reasonable control of Sky or any other member of the Sky UK group, or its equipment suppliers.

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If a reported fault cannot be remedied by one of our engineers over the phone, then we will either repair or replace your equipment if required , whichever is reasonably considered to be the most proportionate. If your Wireless Router is replaced, it must be returned to us in the manner we request. We will warrant any repair or replacement until the later of the end of the original 12 month warranty period or 3 months from the date it was carried out or supplied. It does not affect your legal rights. If you require any advice on your legal rights, you can refer to www.

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