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Belgians ''The power of Colonialism'' Leader: Leopold II. Home City: Brussels, the belgian Capital. Belgian Congo. Belgian Native Embassy. The road to war is so curious Elephant Police Mitrailleuse. Koreans ''The power of Isolation'' Leader: Empress Myeongseong. Korean Town. Arrival of the fleet. Mountain fortress.

Civilization Outline: Priangan Dec 8 Struggle of Indonesia Preangerstelsel civ. Unique means to improve economy. Don't worry, the mod is still going.

The Caribbean Update: Featuring Haiti! The Ottoman Empire Mod 1. Age of Empires: The King's Return Beta 1. Caiyi Dec 29 The Qing Guanmao is in the wrong shape, the top of hat should be concave with a bump in the middle, not a flat hat. Guest Feb 25 This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. Guest Nov 19 How to instal?

Guest Jun 20 Sorry I am a newbie. Guest Jun 6 This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. Guest Apr 11 WoL is unfinished crap Implaler Jun 3 And has aggressively unhelpful devs Oct 7 I can give you some suggestions: Post a comment. Sign in or join with: Follow Report Profile. Platforms Windows , Mac. Developer Ensemble Studios. I have the same question BossDweeb Replied on May 21, Because of the way the DRM is implemented on the disk you would need special hacker software Thanks for marking this as the answer.

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Rodeleros could have HP, 12 damage, 1. Historically they were vulnerable to cavalry, and used as anti-pike infantry, so it doesn't make sense to use them otherwise. Doppelsoldners could have 1. Colonial Stats if any are really silly after the above changes, so I'd suggest sticking with Fortress Statistics except for problematic units such as Eagle Runner Knights. Cavalry, and 1. Historically, grenadiers were big men and had advantage in the melee, so this should be evident that hand infantry shouldn't just pwn them so quickly as in previous versions of the game.

For the N3O Patch, I did add civilization attributes, minor ones, note - and these work very well, giving each civilization plenty of replay value. Here is a link of them: Bestieros could cost to wood, but give 13 or 16 Crossbowmen.

Age of Empires 3, how to play without CD

Also, some could give more units, and all special one-type unit techs should make their unit type Royal Guard. These are just a few ideas. Again I thank you for considering the Mac Community. And thank you for giving time to do this great modification. I'm glad you finally got over Age Sanctuary people not supporting better fan patches than theirs. A lot of people were against the 1. There were some glaring imbalances though in 1. I'm sure 1.

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We balanced off of that patch with a minimalist approach, as much as we could. Opinions do vary greatly on whats "balanced" between players though, so nothing can every be "perfect". Abus Guns are still "broken" in 1. Crossbows can now not be hit and run quite as easily. If you are truly looking to fix Abus Guns, there is only one possible way to do so.

Remove the siege damage and give them ranged damage. Take all the negative multipliers away and let them have at it. Tried and tested. For instance we changed the way Fan Patch 1. We changes the way that was handled so the cards are again in the correct spots when selecting cards. We tried to bridge the gaps between Fan Patch 1. We looked for a happy medium between the two, while trying not to add anything new. Lots of game breaking bugs that can lead to unfair abuse.

This is confirmed on both PC and Mac copies of the game.

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We tested some changes to them, but they were never an issue and performed fine with micro. Everything went back to Musket type units being really just too good in general. We really wanted to change Musket units too, but we got a lot of backlash from the community so we dropped the idea. Musketeer type unit nerfs would fix a ton of problems in the game, but it's hard to get people to accept that they are too strong, on top of the long testing period we would have to perform.

The [N3O] FP 1. They flipped out a bit on us changing the British houses back to 10 population. They don't like changes, let alone complicated ones.

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It's nothing the team ever looked at as most games rarely make it to that stage and when they do, the extra resources for the Royal Guard upgrades didn't seem to be noticeable for us to consider a change like that. They were both rejected due to the challenges of making them balanced for Dutch players. There is no reason to boost them what so ever. They aren't used because Ashigaru Musketeers are cheaper and perform the job of killing cavalry well enough that Samurai just won't really ever be used.