Close mac but still play music

Then reboot again. Be sure to have your MacBook plugged in for this one.

Connecting MacBook to an external LCD Screen

Then, open System Preferences and go to Mission Control. Once selected, pull down the menu next to it and choose Put Display To Sleep.

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Connect the external display to your MacBook and then move your mouse to the corner you selected above. It should turn off only the internal display.

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Close your MacBook lid and wait a couple of seconds. Lift the lid and it should stay off. You can use the trackpad and keyboard in this way as well. That said, be sure to attach an external keyboard and mouse first.

How to use MacBook with lid closed, stop closed Mac sleeping

By default, OS X automatically sends your machine into sleep mode as soon as you close the lid. However, a third-party app can help you prevent your Mac from dong this. InsomniaX lets you keep your MacBook awake even when the lid is closed so that you can continue to listen to music or whatever else you were doing on it.

In order to run the aforementioned app on your machine, your system configuration must match the following:.

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If your system specs match the above configuration, you are all set to run the app on your machine. Double-click on the downloaded archive to extract the actual app file, and then double-click on that app file to launch the app.

Shut but not sleeping: 2 ways to keep a closed MacBook awake - CNET

As soon as you click Agree in the previous step, the app will instantly be added to the menu bar. Enter in your username and password to allow the app to make changes to your system.

The feature should now be enabled, and you can confirm it by pulling down the app menu from the menu bar and seeing if the option that you changed above has an icon before its name. If you change this option frequently, the app offers you the ability to set a hotkey to switch between enable and disable status of the feature with a single key combination.

Using VPN will enable you to disguise your actual geographical location and access Spotify. After logging in you can disable VPN and get back to normal listening for the next 2 weeks. Rebooting the application, however, usually does the job and puts things back on track.

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If the application still does not function as intended, then basic reinstall of the app should get it running smoothly again. Common problems experienced by the users include but are not limited to error codes 2, 4, 6, 7, 13, 17 and 3. Some of these codes are easier to decipher than others. Error codes through , for example, relate to connection problems and are usually displayed when your app is stuck offline.

As for the codes you are unable to interpret, simply knowing the code already makes troubleshooting that much easier. Generally, this applies to both the desktop app and web player, and there are several possible fixes you can try yourself. In conclusion, despite the issues covered in this article, Spotify application is a reliable piece of software. When you run into a problem or encounter an error code, follow the tips laid out above to get the app to mint condition again. Try MacFly Pro. Main Menu.

Open your browser and go to spotify.

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Choose Sign out everywhere. Log back in.

How to use a MacBook with the lid closed

Quit Spotify and open Finder.