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This would save you a lot of time, and will make sure the your applications, settings, and documents are unchanged. Bonus: You may choose to automate this backup task.

The Best Way To Backup Your Hard Drives - Carbon Copy Cloner 5 Review (Mac Only)

So no go the bootable CCC backup. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Related Posts.

Top 9 Backup Software apps that are similar to Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac

About The Author. You are wrong, I did one yesterday and it worked a treat. Likewise, if you enable FileVault on the destination volume e.

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CCC doesn't have to encrypt those files, they're encrypted on-the-fly by the filesystem as the bits are written to disk. APFS cloning allows the user to instantly create copies of files on the same volume without consuming extra storage space. The two files will share storage on the disk for portions of the files that remain identical, but changes to either file will be written to different parts of the disk.

APFS file cloning only works when you make copies of a file on the same volume e. The important take-away is that APFS file cloning can save you space on your startup disk, but CCC cloning can save your data if your source disk fails.

How to Backup Your Mac

They serve completely different purposes; APFS file cloning is not at all related to making backups. CCC's global exclusions as well as the SafetyNet feature have traditionally led to legitimate differences in disk usage in the past. The aforementioned APFS file cloning feature, however, adds a new dimension to this concern. While APFS file cloning saves space on your source volume, those space savings can't be consistently applied when copying your files to another volume because Apple doesn't offer a way for us to determine that one file is a clone of another.

Making matters worse, Finder does not accurately represent the true disk usage of your files. Finder doesn't take into consideration whether one file is a clone of another again, because Apple doesn't provide a way to make that assessment , so it sums up the total size of each file and folder, presenting a total value that is possibly astronomically higher than the capacity of the disk. If you convert your Mac's disk to APFS, understand that the disk usage on your source and destination may never add up, and therefore may not be a reliable measure for comparing the source and destination.

Everything you need to know about Carbon Copy Cloner and APFS

If you get stuck or need some advice, you can get help right from within CCC. Skip to main content. Printer-Friendly Version Product:.

I didn't find any articles that specifically addressed the case where the source disk is APFS format. Sign up to join this community.

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Carbon Copy Cloner 4: A Must-Have Backup App for Your Mac

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