Mac os x 10.5 spotlight indexing does not complete

In your case, the disc name will be different. For this we use the lsof tool.

We must run the above command with sudo as an Admin. For this we need to enter our password when prompted. The output of the command may seem complicated in understanding, but it is not. The first column indicates the running process, and the last column indicates the file on our disk that is currently in use. Also, the hidden folder. Spotlight-V and the file filename. So now I know what is preventing me from ejecting my disk.

You can learn more about it here. Running these processes mean that the Spotlight is currently indexing our disk. We can leave the disk turned on for a while, so that the Spotlight could finish his work, or we can force the process to stop. I noticed that when I use the Quicklook feature to preview a video in any format, the process keeps active even when the Quicklook window was already closed.

Why does Quicklook preventing me from ejecting my disk?

Spotlight trouble? Re-index your entire hard drive for search | MacYourself

I suspect that this is just a bug. Once we know what process is preventing us from ejecting our disk, we can force it to stop. For this we use the killall tool. Also we can do this by using the Activity Monitor. If this article helped you solve the problem then please leave a comment.

If this post helped you out and you'd like to show your support, please consider fueling future posts by buying me a coffee cup! Arthur is a designer and full stack software engineer. His personal website can be found at arthurgareginyan. With the new updates to my iPhone 6 Plus I ha e a very slow device. Spotlight Search does not show location of apps in folders. So how do I move them around if I cannot locate them.

How to re-index and fix Spotlight search issues on Mac OS X

I can no longer load Pictures to the shoebox because it takes so long for me picture. Same sending I messages so slow.

How to Bulletproof (or Unf*ck) Your Mac

I hate iOS now. Changing the language and then back again worked for me. So weird but it works. Thus article needs updated. Very frustrating!! Hi all, I want to share my experience and how I fixed my problem with spotlight search not working on the settings menu. Hopeless, I tried reading articles and found this site.

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Explain sending an email to yourself please. Can ya provide details pretty please? I only noticed the issue after attempting to send a link from inside Instagram by email to my wife.

No option for my email client so I used email. After reading these posts all I did was start the Mail app and immediately went back to check spotlight search. It was back working again. Hope this helps someone.

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Enjoy your Settings Search fully functional again! Your email address will not be published. How to News Not working? Tips and Tricks Guides. Comments Can you help with text messages not showing up in message search? Spotlight search not working as expected. Any fixes for this?

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Very, very frustrating. No SMS, contacts, app results — Blank. Hello, Apple? Thank you Michael. Notes now freezes up or runs so slow no use using the app anymore. It was a tremendous help!

What causes this error

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