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When AD account username is changed, old username will continue to be in use for logging into the Mac.

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This is the solution to update the account for use with the new username:. As a troubleshooting step, try specifying the domain name along with the username at the login screen. Can require install disks to reset if you have forgotten the old password. Help here. The reverse step uses "-delete" in place of "-append" - use this to remove admin privileges - this can be also useful to remove account information from the 'admin' or 'staff' groups in the case of a username change remove entries for the old username to allow login with the new username on the same account.

Change the zero to another number to set the volume to a higher value.

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  • Account Options.

Zero is mute. This seems to be system wide.

Trio of OS X commands simplify network troubleshooting

It also mutes the startup chime. Good for classrooms. If headphones are plugged in, they have a separate volume setting. Can be done using the pmset command. Remember to always execute this command as user "root" in ARD.

Using Terminal to Find Your Mac’s Network Name

The sleep parameter tells the computer never to sleep, disksleep makes the hard disk spin down in 10 minutes, displaysleep makes the monitor remain awake for 75 minutes. This wakes the machine if it's asleep or powers it on if it's turned off , every weekday at 3am.

Method 1: Copy the labstats. Open the file named "postflight", delete everything in it and replace it with:.

Change Ubuntu Hostname

On other models you can try listing the available printer options, then pass the appropriate option to lpadmin using the "-o" parameter. To list all available printer options, install the printer on any one workstation and then run:.

By: Support. Support 0 contributions. Issue: The hostname present in the Mac System Preferences is different to the one shown in the terminal.

The following error may also be seen: Network License Error Solution: This information can be useful when configuring your workstation remotely through ssh, or when you need to change the fully qualified hostname of the workstation which can't be done from the UI.

Open a terminal.

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This file needs to be modified before saving. To override the name, replace the string for ComputerNameOverride. If it is placed after an install, a new computer may show up in Sophos Central with the new override details, leaving the old system in place. If put in place before install, it will only use the new values.

Article: Script to enable SSH, rename computer, and join AD Domain on Mac (Mountain Lion) | ITNinja

To load this file either restart the computer, or use the following command from Terminal: sudo launchctl stop com. This will also override the domain used for the reported user domain.

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