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Cards In one easy step, create windows that are automatically sized and placed appropriately on the main screen. Users can open other windows or files without having to first close the card. Download FileMaker Pro for Mac free. Your VM basically gets its own IP address and, of course accessing the host is extremely fast. Just as if you were accessing a networked Mac from within the Finder.

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Virtualbox guest OS volumes are big so yes, you might want to exclude them from Time Machine and back them up manually as needed. Or you could bite the bullet and buy a new FileMaker license. In fact, I can back that up on the same disk I have TM copy to. Should work just fine.

A quick check on their website seems to indicate that for this simple FM Pro database nothing more than the most basic version is needed. Your suggestion with a free VM sounds interesting. Although I really dread involving Windows. One thing I forgot to mention was licensing issues. I actually have three Macs I run this database on. I just saw that the regular one-time license of Parallels does not cover that.

Zero discount. I looked at old email from the list about Parallels. In , Version 11 removed the option to discard changes when closing a guest a great feature when testing from the regular version, making it a Pro-only feature.

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Their web site only seems to offer subscription as an option for all the editions but elsewhere I can find the basic, non-Pro version, e. A VMware blog post from says personal users can use a single Fusion license on all the Macs in their household.

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An FAQ about the current version of Fusion says basically the same thing. There are migration paths between VM hosting software so you could start with one then convert the guest volume to another without starting from scratch. Sure it will. So, I am surprised that Mojave will still support 32 bit apps.

I was under the obviously mistaken impression that High Sierra would be the last one to do so. That said, I spent the last week working in High Sierra and there are far too many problems with it.

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  4. I returned to Sierra. You know, like El Capitan improved on Yosemite, which was even more buggy the But this changed with Sierra. You can no longer find recent macOS purchases in the MAS Purchases tab, but they are still available if you know where to look:.

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    I strongly suspect that there will be a similar link to High Sierra once Mojave is released, but for now you can find an icon for it in MAS on the Favorites tab and quite often in the header display. Technical limits are imposed by your hardware, database design, and operating system. Use SSL encryption for secure data transfer.

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    Requires FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced to enable encryption on each database. You are replying to :. Your name. Your email address. Your comment.

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