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This Mac Blu-ray player is also a full-featured media player, which means that you can enjoy the DVD movies, all the HD video and music files. New: OS X Enjoy the media and entertainment anywhere and no worries about region code problem.

Best Blu-ray Player Software for Mac and Windows - Free & Paid

Playing Blu-ray with your computer has never been so easy. Why Choose Aurora. Aurora Blu-ray Media Player lets you play files from a disk or from your hard drive. We chosen Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player software as out top overall pick when it comes to shareware. It has every feature we need in good Blu-ray player software for Mac and Windows and the price is affordable.

Turn your Mac into the ultimate Blu-ray player

The program sports a user-friendly interface that's easy to navigate and use, making it ideal even for total beginners. It's capable of playing Blu-ray discs on Mac as well as Windows platform with Blu-ray menu support. What's more, this Blu-ray playing software packed with advanced options for enhancing movie watching experience.

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You can capture a screenshot of your favorite movie scene by using its integrated snapshot grabber. The program has Dolby and DTS pass-through support, and allows you to adjust a variety of settings for audio and video playback such as saturation, hue and brightness, and stretch its dimensions to fit your screen.

The coolest bit about this Windows Blu-ray player application is that it includes built-in upscaling feature, letting you turn standard-definition videos into near-HD quality video from standard DVDs and 2D to 3D, as well as the ability to play high-definition video files in 3D mode you need to have a NVIDIA graphics card with 3D Vision support. Please keep in mind that it just works as Blu-ray player for Windows.

It is not available for macOS or Linux platform. It includes everything you would hope and expect to find, and much more. It also has both Dolby and DTS cinema-grade sound support. Which is why I'm not linking to it here. When it was up and running, its sparse instructions didn't seem to work, and I had to go digging for another site's advice to get VLC playing even sort of nice with Blu-ray.

Then I had to separately install Java to have any hope of getting Blu-ray interactive menus working. Even after all that, VLC wouldn't play most discs I tried with it, ominously warning me of revoked certificates and other things that sound like they involve well-paid lawyers. And when it did play discs, it refused to let me skip past the annoying preview video tracks before the movie; sometimes, trying to do so just dumped me back at the beginning of them. VLC works great for lots of things.

Blu-ray playback isn't one of them.

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Just don't do it. Especially when you've got another free and far more legitimate option waiting for you in the Mac App Store.

The two currently available Mac Blu-ray apps come from Chinese companies. Shenzhen-based Leawo's is by far the cheaper — as in, it's free — and while it's perfectly adequate, you definitely get what you pay for.

Mac Blu-ray Player Pro

I tested Leawo's player with a selection of discs from every major studio plus Criterion, for you cinephiles out there , ranging from titles I bought back in to discs released in They all played just fine, with a crisp picture and clear sound. Leawo's menus let me easily switch audio and subtitle tracks, and jump between different video files on the disc with a Playlist option. And unlike hardware Blu-ray players, it's not region-locked, so you can watch discs from all over the world.

But bones don't get much barer than Leawo's offering. It doesn't support Blu-ray menus at all; if you want to view special features, you'll need to guess at their location from the Playlist menu. If you're dying to watch, say, The Sound of Music's pop-over interactive commentary with sing-along mode, Leawo's app will not be one of your favorite things.

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The app takes a solid minute I timed it just to load a disc, a process that requires multiple un-intuitive menu clicks, and whoever ported it into Mac didn't bother to change the drab Windows-like interface. If you just want to watch Blu-rays on your Mac, Leawo will definitely do that.

Macgo Blu-ray Media Player

It's perfectly serviceable. It doesn't seem to install spyware or bother you with ads. But there's a better and considerably more expensive choice if you want a more robust experience. There's a marginally cheaper non-Pro version, but like Leawo's app, it doesn't fully support menus, so why bother? For that price, you'll get an experience nearly identical to popping a disc into any regular Blu-ray player.