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If I select any Chinese input source, no matter whether it's traditional, simplified, pinyin or wubi xing, none of my keyboard input shows up. The individual letters don't appear, and the candidate window isn't triggered.

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This is very strange, since the input does seem to register - when I call up the keyboard window, the appropriate keys flash when I type. I haven't seen anybody else suggest this specific problem here, but I have tried some of the solutions that were suggested for similar cases - setting up a new user account, restoring the standard fonts, and restarting in safe mode. None of that has worked so far, so I'd really appreciate a suggestion on what else I could try.

Posted on Oct 26, AM. Page content loaded. Oct 26, PM. I have the similar problem, I use Create and use your own input source to type Chinese from OSX Leopard to El Capitan, and it works fine, however, after I updated to Sierra, it is not working well, the number indicator inside the candidate window are all gone, I can't use the number key to choose the individual letters, this is so annoying for an iMac which can't do any simple typing work well. Dose anyone else has this issue?

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Any solutions for this case? Oct 27, AM.

Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9: Clean Install Walkthrough

I tried doing a normal OS X reinstall, but it wouldn't let me, since my current version is apparently more up-to-date after installing the most recent update yesterday. I'll try doing a wipe and clean reinstall on the weekend and see how that goes. Are you talking about some custom input source you have created? Do you have the same problem with the input sources provide by Apple, like Pinyin Traditional or Pinyin Simplified? Hi, I also have this problem. I have two user accounts on my mac.

One already had chinese input set up prior to my upgrade to sierra - this still appears to be working. After setting up chinese input on the other account after installing sierra, the input and prompt was working initially as expected. Suddenly it just stopped and not showing the candidate characters any more. I remember changing the font size in one of applications just before the prompt disappeared.

However not sure if this was the cause. Oct 27, PM. Oct 27, PM in response to thetford71 In response to thetford The input sources Pinyin If you like, send me your. MacOS Sierra Create and use your own input source problem. Nov 6, PM. Not only happened on Pinyin, Cangjie Chinese input also got the same problem on Sierra, only show up the same wordings for any Chinese word typing, I don't think reinstall the OS can solve this problem, hope Apple can fix this problem asap instead.

It's really soooo annoying problem for Chinese input person. Nov 8, PM. Nov 8, PM in response to jesschg In response to jesschg.

If you are talking about the inputs supplied by Apple, most people do not have any problem with these, so it is a problem with your machine, not something Apple will be fixing. I just tried your suggestion to create a new account and try again, but the result is the same, that's mean the problem is on Sierra OS side, not my machine then.

I occasionally have to enter characters that I don't know the pronunciation for, so the Pinyin IME won't cut it.

Mac OS X Maverick Upgrade

The standalone magic trackpad is a nice piece of kit, FWIW, and lets one perform gestures as well as 'mousing' and handwriting. Yeah, at home I use the trackpad on my macbook, but at work, where I use a Mac Mini, I usually just write in Pleco on my iPad, then cut-and-paste. Still surprised Apple doesn't support something like this, Windows has had it for years. Or I guess they figure if people want it badly enough, they'll just get a Magic Trackpad.

Thanks for the trackpad suggestion, I always wondering why one would bother getting one for a desktop, now I know why! I see, misunderstood there, but still if you find a good IME that takes the hand writing, a proper tablet is much more likely to get the input accepted. Maybe this has to do with the fact that Windows handwriting recognition with mouse is so bad! It works for the most common characters but for others sometimes you can try 20 times and it won't find what you wrote.

Even when taking time to do each stroke. Maybe it's windows fault, but maybe it's just difficult technology to implement for a mouse. Trackpad drawing gives cleaner strokes.

For the rare occasion when i use handwriting with my desk PC, with Wenlin mostly, I use a pen and tablet. Have to say for practising writing characters it does give a good approximation to pen and paper. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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