How to authorise a computer on itunes 11 mac

This will add all those songs you had selected to that iTunes library. You may have guessed it. If copying files manually works with a USB flash drive, this same technique works over the network.

What makes this worth a separate mention is the great network sharing functionality that comes embedded in your OS X installation. Shared folders have been available for a very long time, but in recent versions of OS X, AirDrop has been added as an alternative.

Every user on a network with AirDrop selected in Finder are able to see one another. Choosing the latter option will copy your purchases to that Mac, easy as that.

iTunes Authorization Problems – How to Authorize/Deauthorize Computer on iTunes

Do you have any other tips up your sleeve? Need help with any of the above? Have your say in the comments section below the article! Your email address will not be published. As a point of interest, you can clone your iTunes library.

Share music and more from iTunes libraries on the same network

For example, I have a copy at work, at home on my desktop and on my Laptop. If this attribute is the same in all your iTunes libraries, iTunes will not bug you with the "synced with another iTunes library" dialog, and will sync without complaint.

I would be careful doing this, however. Treat one copy, in my case the home desktop copy, as the 'Master', and regularly sync that folder with all the clones on a regular basis. Top Deals.

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Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. You should click Remove Download and then download the item again. This is the account you need to use when authorizing the computer. You can see how many computers are authorized in your iTunes account and choose to deauthorize all computers if necessary. Occasionally, a single computer uses multiple authorization slots.

How to Fix Authorization Issues in iTunes - Apple Gazette

This typically happens after a major hardware upgrade because iTunes registers it as a new machine. To resolve the issue you can deauthorize the computer multiple times, or deauthorize all computers at once and start from scratch. This could happen if you no longer own it or if it no longer works.

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In such cases, the only option is to deauthorize all computers. Afterward, you will need to authorize each computer that you still use.

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How to Authorize a Mac Computer on iTunes

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