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If you're ready, you can also check out our updated buying guide here. When it comes to Wi-Fi, the question I probably get asked most often is, "Which wireless adapter is best for hacking? Before we address the hardware necessary to hack wireless networks, let me once again recommend the Aircrack-ng suite of hacking tools.

Nothing else in our open-source world quite compares to the power and versatility of Aircrack-ng. A fast multi-core or multi-processor CPU is certainly helpful. When cracking WEP passwords , which is a statistical crack, you need to crunch a lot of numbers, and the faster the CPU the better. So, the faster the CPU, the faster you can crack wireless passwords.

One caveat, though. The difference in speed is not huge. More cores, on the other hand, will improve performance significantly. Beyond the two primary tools listed above, the next most important requirement is good wireless adapter. To really be effective at wireless hacking, your wireless adapter should have two primary features.

A wireless adapter that can't do these two critical features doesn't mean that you won't be able to crack wireless, but it will mean that it will be so slow that it renders it effectively impossible. Wireless hacking in a world of WPA2 encryption can be a relatively slow process with the best equipment.

Network adapters, whether wired or wireless, are designed to only capture and process packets that are sent to them. When you want to sniff a wired connection and pick up all packets going over the wire, you put your wired network card in "promiscuous" mode. In the wireless world, the equivalent is monitor mode. This enables us to see and manipulate all wireless traffic passing through the air around us. Without this ability, you are limited to using your wireless adapter to only connect to wireless APs that accept you and authenticate you.

That is not what we are willing to settle for. Most wireless attacks require that you be able to inject packets into the AP while, at the same time, capturing packets going over the air. VERY few wireless cards are capable of doing this. As you can imagine, wireless adapter manufacturers are NOT looking to add features to their standard wireless adapters to suit OUR needs.

Most wireless adapters built into your laptop are designed so that mom and dad can connect to AOL and send their email. We need something much more powerful and versatile than that. If we can't inject packets into the AP in Aircrack-ng, this is the function of Aireplay-ng , then it really limits what we do. For instance, in our WEP attack , we will be forced to passively wait for packets to traverse to air in order to capture the ever valuable and vulnerable IVs.

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Since we need to capture around , to crack WEP, we could be waiting for days and weeks on a little used AP. With packet injection capabilities, we can reduce that to a few minutes by injecting the AP with ARPs. The first issue we need to address in choosing a wireless adapter is making certain that it has drivers for Linux. In , most wireless adapters now have Linux drivers, but that wasn't always the case.

It's important to note, though, that Linux compatibility is far from being an optimal wireless hacking adapter. It is only a minimal requirement. Probably the most important feature we need is compatibility with our software of choice, Aircrack-ng. The developers of Aircrack-ng maintain a compatibility list on their website that includes all of the adapters they have tested and their level of compatibility.

Note that you will need the chipset for your wireless card to find its compatibility on this chart. The first column indicates whether the chipset is supported in Windows for Airodump-ng packet capture in monitor mode. The next column indicates whether that same capability is available in Linux for that chipset card.

Finally, the last column indicates whether that chipset is supported for Aireplay-ng packet injection in Linux. This is because the virtual software hypervisor "pipes" your wireless access to a wired connection in your virtual machine. As a result, Kali does not have a wireless device to work with. Since most built-in wireless adapters in your laptop are probably inadequate to crack wireless, you are better off purchasing a USB wireless adapter for wireless hacking.

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If you choose to install Kali as a dual boot system , you can use your built-in wireless adapter for wireless hacking, if its on the Aircrack-ng compatibility list. Although you can hack with wireless cards not on that list, you had better be very patient as this process make take you days or weeks without the proper adapter. To effectively hack Wi-Fi passwords, you will need a proper wireless adapter. Make certain that you check the Aircrack-ng compatibility list to make certain that your wireless adapter has the necessary features to make your Wi-Fi hacking fast and effective.

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You can check out our guide here on setting it up. To learn more on this subject, stay tuned to my Wi-Fi Hacking series. If I understand your question correctly, many people use the resources of AWS to speed up decryption. FCC approval date: 18 November Est.

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TL-WNND this has a higher power transmit which helps in evil twin creation, but will this support monitor mode and packet injection? I really need your help. I downloaded the driver the RT for windows and the virtualbox extension pack, and i updated and upgraded everything with apt-get. On my Kali Linux settings i use network bridge adapter, and i added my network adapter to the usb section. I hope you can help me with this information, but since im new to this all, please reply and tell me to send more information if you need.

Otherwise, please tell me why it's not working. Please help me. Thanks for your quick responce! Does this mean i have to download rtsta as a linux driver and it will work? Do i download this driver while in my virtualbox or just on my host os? Thanks man. I would surmise that you need to compile a driver on that Vbox. It will need to be compiled locally to make sure it grab it's deps. Either the sta ble or the back port if the sta is not functioning correctly.

They both have exact same specs otherwise. I had some problems with 'make' but finally fixed that too. So I updated everything and installed the rtsta drivers in linux, so it should be working, right? But it doesn't.

Tp-link Tl-wn7200nd 150mbps High Power Wireless Usb Adapter

I added my USB in the settings at virtualbox, but when I start up kali linux from virtualbox and connect the usb adapter to my computer, it won't connect on 'iwconfig' I blacklisted the rtusb, I followed alot of tutorials and honestly I'm kind of desperate at this point. I know you have the same wifi adapter as I have, so can you please help me out here? You can check on the www. Side note: Looking at it being a nano if the chip set is supported your attack area is very small due to antenna size.

When you are able you should upgrade to a more powerful antenna if you think you will be using packet injection more than a little bit.

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  • OTW i have a question. If so could you write a tutorial on it or just explain to me what tool i can use that will show me Geo-location? You could simply walk around your neighborhood with airodump-ng running and map the location of the AP by the strength of signal. The tool will be deployed in the beginning as a Hosted Service available to everyone and transition to a downloadable bundle at a later stage once its stable enough to be released.

    Hi, I am having some problems with a wireless adapter.

    Now I am struggling to find an adapter both on the aircrack's list of compatible adapters and with drivers for OS X Then, you don't need OS X drivers. You attach the wireless card directly into the VM, bypassing the host operating system.

    Setup Video

    The Alfa should work for you. I am also struggling to find sufficiently latest linux drivers. The latest one available is kernel 2. Is that good enough? I belive the chipset isnt able to inject but I'm not sure - google isn't beeing a pal in helping me out or I'm doing the wrong questions.

    At the aircrack-ng site doesn't it or it isn't I must have to assume it isn't some I saw some post in other sites that it was possible By the way search on WHT found this Thought that chip set sounded recent.. OK, I tried to post a comment but I kept getting the above message. The post was quite long. Is there a limit to the number of characters allowed in a post?

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    • Was that the cause of the error? Been reading through the various lessons and categories of lessons on this brilliant site. Just one problem. After spending many hours each night reading and then re-reading those lessons I always come away confused and none the wiser. I am a noob, for sure. I am determined to get to grips with using Kali and knowing how to hack wifi etc.